The borrowing of IT devices can quickly solve an unexpected situation or help the smooth running of a prepared event. In the case of a long-term rental you have full control over the costs of your IT operation.

Short-term rentals

We rent various IT devices, especially computers and laptops for single events such as conferences, congresses, presentations, trainings etc. We can do setup as requested. The service may also include the delivery to the place of the event and the re-collection of the devices. We also offer the rent of substituting computer during repairs (e.g. in the case of longer delivery period of a spare part).

Long-term rentals

We offer long-term rentals of IT devices. These rentals are in the horizon of months. The rent is suitable for time-limited projects, when it is not advantageous for the customers to purchase their own computers. An added value may also be the technical support and the supply of additional IT services from installation and initial setting to the guarantee of quick device replacement in the case of a defect.