Company Techmax CZ s.r.o. was established in 2010. Since the beginning we have focused on IT services. One of the main areas is the repairs of computers in our service centers. Currently we run two service branches in Prague, where we repair computers, mobile phones and tablets. Besides the services at the branches we provide onsite IT support and network administration for company customers. To smaller companies we provide complex IT administration.

In 2017 we started onsite repairs for the leading IT vendor. Our team of certified field engineers repairs laptops and desktop computers in the regions of Prague and Central Bohemia. Besides computer repairs we also perform hardware repairs of enterprise equipment (servers, storage devices). In relation with the growth of the number of orders for onsite repairs we have established the company Techmax IT services s.r.o. This company provides onsite repairs and services for foreign customers. We also work for multinational corporate clients as their local support.