We offer a wide spectrum of support IT services. These services are suitable for business, who have no IT staff within the reach of their branch office, or who need to manage specific activities. Our field engineers communicate in English.

Local IT support

The service is aimed for corporate clients, who have no IT department at their branches. The IT departments are often only in the company´s central office or abroad. We are able to work under the remote supervision of your IT administrator. It usually concerns the diagnostics and elimination of defects to the devices, which cannot be controlled remotely because of their defects; also the installation of new devices and their initial setup for central administration. These cases require the presence of a field engineer right at the device, as it may be time-demanding and economically ineffective for your IT staff to drive to the place of repair.

Installations and movements

We provide the installation and connection of computers, printers and servers as required. We can transfer an IT device from one location to another, included of packing, transportation and re-installation. We can also supply a complete transfer or assist in specific activities (assemblies of racks, UPS etc.).